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Long Waited Halo 3

One of the most successful trilogy and finally the big finale to end it and this one really does go out with a big bang. The long 3 year span from the sequal to game of the year Halo: combat evolved, Halo 2, had one of the most controversial  endings in game history has finally come to an end. The story for Halo 3 starts off the Master chief on the ship and crash landing back on the ring and just so happens that sergeant Johnson and his crew overheard the crash and went to check it out. Found out it was the chief and they end up fixing him and getting ready for battle. It just so happens that the chief has a flashback and remembers that he needs to go back for cortana, and thats where the journey starts, chief needs to find cortana and save her from the gravemind and also find out who's behind this. The story itself is fantastic and has a few surprises. The gameplay is the same old fashion Halo first person shooter style and it works really well with the new weapons, maps, vehicles, and enemies. The shortage on some minor things can be let go but it still has that great Halo feel every fan will enjoy. The visuals are somewhat a big step up, fans of the franchise expected much more but it still doesn't disappoint. One thing that Halo always nails is the right music at the right and suspenseful time. Overall this actually makes the Halo franchise look and feel so much better and for die hard Halo fans this is one game you can't miss out on.


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