widdowson91's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Halo 3 wasn't worth all the hype.

Halo 3 is without a doubt the most highly anticipated videogames in history. When I reached the end of Halo 2 and Master Chief says he is going to end the fight then the game went off, I just wanted to punch a hole in the screen because I wanted to play on so much. Yeah Halo 2 wasn't as good as Halo, but it was still a brilliant game. So is Halo 3 better then the first two........ no.

Even though the first Halo game made less sense then the other two in regards to you don't know too much of what went on previous, Halo 2 had a good story, and the game play was as excellent as on Halo. But in my opinion they over complicated it. On Halo you held two guns, 8 grenades, you could melee and you also had a torch. But on Halo two they added extra things like the duel-wielding of guns, but in my opinion you had too much new things on the game and it just over complicated it. Well the exact same thing has happened here in Halo 3.

Yes, the gameplay is fantastic, the graphics and music and all the other game sounds are fantastic and Master Chief is as cool as ever, but Bungie have again in my opinion added too much to this game. The A.I. for this game, like on the first too is also fantastic.

There are two new weapons, the Spiker, which you can duel-wield and the Gravity Hammer which appeared on Halo 2 but you couldn't use. There are already enough weapons on this game and the more there is, it may take you longer to find a combination you like. There are also secondary items. These are activated by pressing the 'X' button. some of them are good, like the Bubble Shield that puts a bullet proof shield around your character, but they can be broke by simply walking through them and melee your enemies. Also you get a thing called the regenerator which puts your shield back to full. Although the items are good, when you add up the stuff you can use, it makes the game too easy.
There are also all the vehicles off the previous games plus some more. One for example is a Brute version of a tank and of a Ghost. I can't remember there names. You can also still hi-jack the enemies' vehicles so that's good.

There are 9 chapters on this game and experienced Halo fans will, like Halo 2, breeze through the single player. But also like the second game, this games main talking points are the online features.

The online feature on this game are similar on this game as to they are on Halo 2 but online you spawn with the Assault Rifle off the first game. This was brought into the game so people will melee more and use grenades more and rely less on duel wielding. There are also 11 online maps for up to 16 players and some of the maps are recycled off Halo 2.
You can also play offline with up to 16 players via system link. And up to 4 players can play the game co-operatively online which is a great feature too.

If you're a FPS fan get this game because it is good, but it's not that game everyone wanted. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Refiew by: James Widdowson    

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