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Halo 3 can be described as a game thats feels half done. If halo 3 were to be compared to any modern shooter it could be easily identified as an over hyped failure. Halo 3 has a great story but can be seen as a failure as it does not give a sense of completion. The multi player is decent when played with friends but when played over xbox live you cannot get far without a 9 year old thrash talker screaming in your ear. The aspect that ruins HALO 3 the most is the ranking system as casual players cannot get into matches without being mocked of being beginners. Halo 3 should only be a must buy to HALO 3 fan boys and is  extremely over rated even among Microsoft fan boys. The Halo game play is not innovative as the newer shooters are and can be seen as halo 2.5 rather than halo 3.
Posted by vvAr_ToRN

it really seems like all the problems you listed have nothing to with the gameplay you're reviewing the nine year old who pissed you off not the game.

Posted by geneticgamer

yup nine year old trash talkers take away from the halo 3 experience to a point where gamers will stop playing this game

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