naju890_963's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Halo 3 is the best sci-fi first person shooter ever.

OK. Halo 2 was fantastic. its was the best shooter at that time. But theres another first person shotter that is the best ever created halo 3. Its and outsanding pakacge that is sure to satisfy as you play along the multiplayer amd the campaign. I forgot but the multiplayer is super awsome the multiplayer is a dream on a cd. Now you can leave the Halo 2 disc in box and move on the real masterpiece. Halo 3 is bit similar to Halo 2 but it contains features that noone thought of. Now lets go to the good and bad.

Good: Halo 3 has a very satisfying storyline that only your mum can stop you. Four player operatsions are very fun. The map editor is amazing it can do stuff you never dreamed off.

Bad: AL controlled marines cant help you much.

The graphics is great its very sharp and clear and like seeing halo 3 in the battlefield. Sound eggects definetly rocks its got great music and terrific effects. Overall the halo series never dissapointed me and i lkook foward to halo wars


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