hockeygod31's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Halo 3

Halo 3 is probably the best graphically AND over-all ass kicking. Everyone knows that the ending to Halo 2 was the gayest thing ever! But Halo 3 picks up when the Master Chief was on the Forerunners  ship heading  towards Earth.  In the beginning You jump off the ship and land in the rain forest! Now in Halo 2 what happened to the commander of the Cairo?  Did he die? Did he have a heart attack? Get owned by a meteor? What the hell!  But back  to  the game over all its good.

I like the Forge mode when you can rebuild your favorite  online maps.  You become the fagget oracle but its worth it.  In the  campaign you and the Arbirter kick the ass of the Covenant. Many of levels are on Earth, only a few on Halo itself.  There are skulls you have to collect. I'd tell you but i don't feel like click and pasting. The weapons are basically the same but there are some cool new vehicles. The hornet ( sort of a marine banshee) kick ass.

All the characters are the same. Arbirter, Miranda Keys, Sergent Johnson, Master Cheif, the flood, Cortana,  the marines, the Covenant, Gravemind, and others. The gayest part about the flood is that they are all over the place, but it seems that there are more than ever. These new flood can become these huge Hunter-like creators, Drone- like things that can shoot some kind of needles at you, and brute form flood. Most of all the characters die because the ring is activated( if you beat it on legendary you get this gay ending movie) but before that everyone except  the main characters die. (some secondary characters live)

The crappy parts of the game are when Cortana interrupts the moment.  She appears  from nowhere  telling you gay information.  Of course you go and save her. (in High Charity) There are tons of flood and only flood. The other gay thing is that there are about the same mission levels as Halo: Combat Evolved, but the missions in Halo 3 have a point actually. Well i'm done  my hand kills bad.  


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