spiredcrescent7's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Bungie does it again

I was very critical about halo 3 after the gameplay trailers. I thought that this would be a weak finish that would copy the foundation of halo 2. I was wrong. This game completely removes itself from the other iterations of the series. Halo 3 of course begins where halo 2 left off. Fighting your way through the remainder of covenant forces (minus the rebelling elites) you come across some of the most memorable sequences of gameplay that has ever existed. The musical score does change somewhat, but you will still be familier with the score that is just great. The game brings back the assault rifle with its increased accuracy. It also adds equipment which you can throw down to aide you in battle. This includes things such as shields, mines and generators. There are also the addition of spike and inceniary grenades. A duel wielding weapon known as the spiker is also making an introduction. The needler is now more powerful and is single wielded. Vehicles make a return including the mongoose (atv), the chopper (brute vehicle) and the wasp (human hover copter) Campaign is well told and the replay value is enormous when you throw in the possible four player online coop, but you can only have two people split screen in campaign. Onine matchmaking is the maximum 16 players. The ranking system consists of two ranks. An experience rank has been added telling of your exp and it counts for all games. Match ranks make a return and only consist of numbers and not symbols. The new forge feature allows you to customize maps for new and inventive game types. The theater also saves your recent games so you can save those awesome moments and prove to everyone how good you actually are. All in all this is One of the must have games for Xbox 360. I really thing this is one of the rare perfect games that exist and will be remembered in the gaming society forever.

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