mellenman's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Best xbox 360 game to date!!!

This is by far one of my favorite games ever and ill tell you why.

1. Matchmaking - The multiplayer in Halo 3 is second to none! The reply value is sky high! ever week there is a new fun mode to play with up to 15 other players! Halo 3 is easy to get into and hard to stop!

2. Theater - Say in matchmaking you do something so amazing and you want to tell your friends. Go to theater mode which will have your most recent games, record the video, share to the world!

3. Forge - What if you wanted to make a map where you get in a atv, fly of a ramp and land into a big pile of explosives and blow up in a fiery explosion. Well now you can! Forge isnt a map editor but an item placer were you can make really cool stuff.

4. Custom Games - Private matchmaking that you can play just your friends! You can also play your forged maps here.

5. Campain - Campain mode can be plaid with up to 4 friends, this mode alone is good enough for its own seperate game! There is a lot of replay value to it, becauce of the multiple diffoculty levels and skulls [ hidden items that  unlock new armor for multiplayer and achievments ] you will come back again and again!!!!


Gameplay 5 *' s - Lots of fun, designed perfictly for the 360 controler.
Grafhics  5 *'s - Looks gorgious on my hd tv
Sound 5 *'s - The Halo series is known for its movie quality soundtrack and this doesent disapoint!
Replay  5 *'s - you will play this untill Halo 4!

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