surgegamer13's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

This is freakin awesome!!

Ok first of all when i first got this i thought it was overhyped. I WAS WRONG!!!! Everything about this game is awesome.
The graphics are top notch. The gameplay is smooth. The difficultly is just right and the multiplayer is addicting. And the fact that you can change your armor and take pictures and save videos is just awesome. Overall this game deserves more sequels.

Posted by CandiBunni

The graphics for this game are not and were never top notch. Even when this game was first released, the graphics were not that great. I can't really recommend this review because you don't go into detail about anything in the game. You don't talk enough about the graphics, gameplay, sound, etc.  Yes, this game was overhyped, and it is the worst in the series in terms of story. In terms of multiplayer, its the third best, behind the original Halo: CE, and Halo: Reach. There was no big difference between the gameplay of this game in terms of overall gameplay and multiplayer and Halo 2's, so if you want something different, go with Reach (to anyone who may read this). The only real difference would be the inclusion of equipment, and that wasn't very much. I would not say, ever, that everything about this game is awesome. The game is good only because of its multiplayer, and without it, it would be an absolutely terrible game. The multiplayer is the only redeeming factor about it, and because of it, I'd give it a 3/5. The story, for me, was absolutely boring. It was bare bones, and completely forgettable. If you want a good story from a Halo game, choose either Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Combat Evolved, or even Halo: Reach. 

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