AMEX Cross Promo - $ for Playing Halo?

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In light of the whole Doritos Mountain Dew Geoff Knightley thing I thought I should bring to light an amazing cross promo that could be benefiting every gamer with an XBOX Live Gamertag and an AMEX credit card. If you sync your AMEX card with your XBL account you get $10 off your statement and if you get the Wake Up John achievement (finish campaign on normal or harder) you get $25 off your statement. I mean $35 back for playing a campaign and having a credit card. Pretty sweet deal. Can't wait to see what other kinds of $$ I can earn for getting achievements. My time spent gaming has never been more justified. Other promos linked to this partnership include a trip to E3 for the first 25 synced accounts to solo legendary as well as some of their traditional spend this much here and get some $ back promos. I just think this is cool as shit that I made money playing a 6.5 hour campaign on normal. Have until Dec 31 to finish and it doesn't matter if you sync card after already having the achievement(s).

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