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HammerLock Wrestling is a Super Nintendo wrestling game and features fictional professional wrestlers performing movesets similar to real pro wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger. The game greatly emphasizes the exciting TV spectacle of professional wrestling, dedicating parts of the screen to close-ups of moves and wrestlers. Pins, especially, will take over most of the screen, pushing the gameplay view to the sidelines.

In Japan the game is known as Tenryu Genichiro no Pro Wrestling Revolution: Wrestle and Romance and is a video game adaptation of the WAR (Wrestle and Romance, later renamed to Wrestling Association R) Japanese wrestling promotion, which was created by Genichiro Tenryu. For the US version, the various WAR wrestlers received fictional names and minor cosmetic changes.

Gameplay Modes:

  • Exhibition: Up to four players compete in singles or tag team matches.
  • Top Ranking Match: Players face 11 other wrestlers to become the champion.
  • Tournament: A tournament of up to 8 players to determine a champion.
  • Round Robin Tournament: Up to six players compete in a round robin to determine a champion.

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