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Havel the Rock was once a bishop of the Way of White. He was a close friend and battlefield companion of Lord Gwyn during his war against the Eternal Dragons.

Havel possessed a hatred of Seath the Scaleless and magic users in general, leading him to create miracles specifically designed to shield against magical attacks.

At some point after Gwyn's victory over the Dragons Havel became Undead and Hollowed, and was locked away in the watchtower in the Undead Burg.

Havel's armor and weapon can be found in Anor Londo in a basement hidden behind an illusory wall. An Occult Club, a weapon forged expressly for killing gods, can be found hidden in the same area as well. Some have interpreted this as evidence that Havel attempted to rebel against the gods, possibly because of Gwyn's collusion with Seath, and was banished from Anor Londo as a result.

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