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It is revealed in the intro to the game that Seath The Scaleless betrayed his own kind due to his own mortality and helped Gwyn lord of Sunlight and the other recipients of Lord Souls defeat the Everlasting Dragons. Lord Gwyn gave Seath the title of Duke and gave him all the resources, the Duke's archives, he needed to gain immortality via crystals. During this research, Seath kidnapped maidens from across the land of Lodran as test subjects to his crystal experiments. After an unknown amount of time, Seath's experiments with crystals drove him mad and blind; but not after successfully reaching immortality via the Primordial Crystal.

During the player's adventures, Seath has already gone mad and will attack the player on sight. The first battle with Seath is unwinnable, it is suggested to either spend one's souls or equip a Ring of Sacrifice.

Boss Fight

The player's second encounter with Seath will be in the crystal caves when the player finds the Primordial Crystal. The player must break the crystal in order to do any damage to Seath. And after doing so, the fight is very easy. Simply attack the left or right tail of Seath and follow it as he attempts to center you.

Seath has a number of attacks that will do curse damage,


  • Far Curse Beam - Seath will fire a beam in an arc around him causing crystals to spike up from the ground. Doing curse damage.
  • Straight Curse Beam - Seath will fire a beam straight ahead of him causing crystals to spike up from the ground causing curse damage.
  • Close Curse Beam - Seath will fire a beam directly in the ground in front of him causing crystals to spike up causing curse damage.
  • Crystal Curse Explosion - Arguably the most dangerous attack. Seath will cause the entire area around him to spike up crystals. Causing curse damage.
  • Tail Thrash - Also arguably the most dangerous attack, If the player stays behind Seath for too long, he will spin around slamming his three tails into the ground repeatedly. This attack is unblockable. This attack is the sole reason why cutting off Seath's Tail is near impossible.
  • Punch - Seath will Punch and claw at the ground in front of him. Easily dodge-able.

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