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Sieglinde is the daughter of Siegmeyer of Catarina. After the death of her mother, she set out on a quest of her own to deliver her mother's final words to her father.

Provided the player has interacted with Siegmeyer in Sen's Fortress, then Anor Londo, and finally at Firelink Shrine, a Golden Crystal Golem will appear in the Duke's Archives near the entrance to the Crystal Cave. Defeating the Golem will cause it to shatter, freeing Sieglinde. She will ask if the player has seen her father. Regardless of the player's answer, she will then relocate to Firelink Shrine.

If the player speaks to her at Firelink Shrine, she will again inquire whether the player has seen her father. Responding positively will cause her to disappear from the shrine as she searches for him. She will not be encountered again until the player completes the Lost Izalith portion of Siegmeyer's questline.

After aiding Siegmeyer in Lost Izalith, Sieglinde will return to Firelink Shrine. She will inform the player that she managed to track down her father and impart her mother's last words, but that Siegmeyer has decided to go off on one last adventure.

The two can then be found near the bonfire at the entrance to Ash Lake. Siegmeyer will have gone completely hollow, forcing his daughter to kill him. Sieglinde will thank the player for their aid in both their journeys, and offer a Titanite Slab as a reward. She will then depart for Catarina, and will not be seen again.

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