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As mentioned in the game's intro, Gravelord Nito is the first of the dead and acquired a Lord Soul. Using this power, he helped Gwyn and the Witch of Izalith rid the world of the everlasting dragons by spreading death and disease. He is the leader of the Gravelord Servant covenant and is the only covenant leader that must die to progress in the game.


Nito is the head of the Gravelord Servant covenant. To join the covenant, the player must pray to Nito, meaning Nito must still be alive. One does not go the conventional route though. To find the shortcut to pray to Nito, the player enter a coffin which is found directly in front of a Titanite demon. After waiting in the coffin for about a minute, a small cutscene will play. After this the player will now be at The Altar of The Gravelord. The player can pray to Gravelord Nito and join the covenant but cannot engage combat with him. The player can exit this room by simply stepping into the coffin again.

The Gravelord Servants use item called Eyes of Death to infect other players worlds with dark spirit NPCs that will attack the host and the white/gold phantoms the host summoned. The host of the infected world can find a Gravelord Sign and invade the world of the Gravelord Servant that infected his or her world. Once the Servant is killed, the world is no longer infected.

Note that the death of Nito, which is mandatory to complete the game, will not allow for the player to join nor level up in the covenant.

Boss Fight

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