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Original (1976)

1976 Original

Heavyweight Champ is a boxing sports arcade game, released by Sega in 1976. The game featured large monocrhome sprite graphics, with the controls inside a set of plastic boxing gloves attached to the arcade cabinet. Critics have since identified it as the first video game to feature hand-to-hand fighting, though it differs from subsequent martial arts themed fighting games.

Like later fighting games, it was viewed from a side-view perspective. Besides being the first fighting game, it was also notable for its imaginative control system. It employed two boxing glove controllers, one for each player, which moved up and down for high and low punches, with an inward movement for striking. The game's large sprite character graphics was also detailed for its time.

Remake (1987)

1987 Remake

In 1987, there was a remake released, which changed the side view perspective of the original game to a third-person perspective much like Nintendo's Punch-Out.

The game's ending uses the likeness of Mike Tyson.

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