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In his old high school, Christopher "Heavyweight" Morgann was a champion sportsman, excelling at football and boxing. One day, however, his fire manipulation powers manifested. Elementals were banned from playing sports with those who had not exhibited powers, so the coveted college scholarship Christopher sought was pushed out of reach. A distraught Christopher was transferred to San Bruno High School, a school specifically for Elementals. Although he had only had his powers for a very short time, he was very skilled with them; this coupled with his immense stature quickly drew the attention of The Rivals, a gang operating within the walls of the school. He quickly befriended and became the bodyguard of Rivals member Shinji Ozawa, who quickly became the leader.

Heavyweight was content to just hang around with Shinji and the rest of The Rivals, hoping to make the best of a situation he detested. Someone else, however, had other plans for him. Ryken Volynski had been informed that Christopher was the one responsible for the auto accident that took both his arm and his father from him. Enraged, Ryken defeated Christopher in a fight. He, however, made it perfectly clear to Ryken that not only had he no idea what the young lad was talking about, but that his consuming vengeance would not do him any good.

A short while later, a sickness began overtaking students at San Bruno High, taking their powers from them. Seeing this as his chance to become normal again, Christopher began investigating the source of this disease in an effort to regain what he had lost.

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