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There came a time, when suddenly, people all around the world began exhibiting elemental powers. Naturally, children and teenagers have the toughest time attempting to control their powers. Thus, special schools were installed to help instruct them on control as well as the basic educational fundamentals. San Bruno High School in California is one of those.

Just as any other students, San Bruno students are full of hopes and dreams, wishes and thoughts, fears and anxieties... and of course, trouble. Foremost is The Rivals, a gang operating within the school that seems to slip by faculty notice. Shinji Ozawa leads this band of thugs, and his elder brother Jiro feels the need to put him in his place. However, Shinji and Jiro's feud is not the only altercation on the grounds....

The original incarnation of the game, Battle High: San Bruno, was created in GameMaker for PC. Matt DeLucas ported the entire game to Xbox Live on his own. The game was erroneously titled with its PC subtitle when uploaded to Xbox Live, although the correct name appears in-game. A second revision (free upgrade for pre-existing owners, and integrated into new purchases) was released as part of 2011's Indie Games Summer Uprising. This upgrade fixed many bugs and added new "Extracurricular" mini-games.

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