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Helen Parker is a kind, elderly woman who goes to the Hotel Dusk in the hopes of staying in the room that grants wishes:  Room 215.  Unfortunately for her, that room had been given to Kyle Hyde only moments before her arrival.  She instead takes room 212, called Angel.  She is staying by herself, and though she is pleasant and talkative, she is reluctant to discuss her past.


Spoilers Below.

 Helen performing.
In her younger days, Helen lived the life of an entertainer.  She was a magician, and relished the life on the stage.  Helen eventually married, and her husband convinced her to give up the stage life and settle down.  Together they had a boy named Alan.  Helen began to yearn for the spotlight once more.  She abandoned her family and went back to her life as a magician.  She lived for the applause of the audience.  Soon, though, she began to feel an emptiness growing inside her.  Helen now desired to once again see the son she left behind.  She was afraid to seek him out, though, for fear that he would hate her.

A twist of fate had Helen booked to perform at the opening of the Hotel Dusk.  Alan had been invited to be a guest at the same occasion.  Mother and son were reunited on that night, and Alan forgave his mother for not being there for him.  They arranged to meet again at the same hotel on the same night in ten years.  On that night, ten years later, Helen gave Alan a gift.  It was a fountain pen with the words "To Alan, With Love" inscribed on the side.  It was this same pen that Martin Summer would drop in the restaurant for Kyle Hyde to find.  Helen and Alan once again planned to meet at the hotel ten years later.

This time, Alan would not show.  Helen feared he had not actually forgiven her for the abandonment of his childhood.  However, it was because his close friend, Martin Summer, had betrayed him and stolen his work.  Alan felt his dreams had been destroyed and disappeared.  Yet another twist of fate sent Martin to stay at Hotel Dusk on the same night as Helen, the mother of the man he betrayed.  Helen had a few conversation with Kyle Hyde, who began to piece together the past that Helen kept hidden away.  When Kyle revealed what he knew, Helen told Kyle all about the tragic tale, and Kyle figured out that Helen's son and Martin's friend were one and the same.

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