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Hell Yeah! Quirky and fun! 0

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit by Arkedo Studio is quite a trip. You're in the roll of Ash, the new King of Hell, on his journey to find pictures that were taken of him when he was in his bath with his lovely ducky. You'll go around and kill 100 of these people who have viewed the pictures trying to find them. You go through a variety of background changes that are all starkingly different. Going from a Volcano to a Casino, to a Club and many more zones.Arkedo tried to make the game as non ...

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A Platformer with Quick Action and Good Personality 0

Is Hell Yeah totally original? Of course not. But as a short-burst platformer with a good sense of humour, you could do a lot worse. It's relatively small, but it's not meant to be powered through, it's meant to be played a level or half a level at a time, then dropped for a while, then picked up where you left off. It progresses naturally and quickly, and never really leaves you lost or grinding, it just naturally progresses.So are you looking for quick jump and shoot/cut/explode action? ...

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Hell Yeah!!! 0

I bought this game for a decent price of €6.49 during the Halloween sale on steam. I knew nothing of the game's plot or art style or even what genre it was. However when I watched the introduction and saw the main protagonist getting frisky with a rubber ducky in the bathtub, I knew I was in for something I had never experienced before.This game is crazy, like this-game-should-be-in-an-asylum levels of crazy. It's got a crazy premise, it has crazy characters and even an crazier art style.You pla...

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Hell Yeah! A hell of a lot of fun! 0

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the dead rabbit puts you in the role of Ash the prince of hell who has been caught in the bath with a rubber Ducky. The pictures are leaked and he's become the laughing stock of hell. So Ash goes off to kill all the monsters in hell to find these photo's and destroy them.The game involves you going through the areas in the game killing the monsters that life in the different areas of hell to try and uncover the photos taken and regain your credibility. Ash has a jetpack saw w...

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Hell Yeah! 0

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is a rather odd game. You take control of Ash, the king of hell who has been publicly embarrassed by leaked pictures of him with his rubber ducks on the hell-internet. Only 100 other monsters had seen the images leaked onto the net, and Ash decides to take revenge by killing everyone who's seen the pictures. The game is an unique mix of a 2d platformer, dual stick shooter, and a mini game collection.At the start of the game, your octopus butler (who has part o...

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A Dead Rabbit that has a lot of life 0

OK so first of try to ignore that fact that SEGA is on the box. This is game is a fantastic experience that had me laughing out loud at the crazy shit that was constantly happening. To try and break it down this game is a platformer in a sense but you u also get crazy weapons, fight crazy monsters and generally do crazy shit! What could be so crazy you ask!? Well how about fighting a monster that is a turd with a chainsaw on its head.....ALSO if you check the description when you kill it you fin...

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