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Short and sweet review this time :D

I am going to keep this one short, summarising each of the good and parts into the good and the bad section, instead of writing an essay, this will be a fairly easy to read review!

The game takes place in London, year 2038. After a rift to Hell opened up and demons scoured the world the remnants of humanity have hidden in the rubble. You, however, are not satisfied to simply survived, and have begun to fight back and try to find a way to close the rifts.

While the game isn't too bad as far as blood and gore, it is still definitely for a mature audience. The gameplay is pretty straight forward though, so while it may not be for complete beginners you don't need to be experienced in the genre. The game is an action RPG, but can also be played like a first person shooter, which is nice if that's the style you prefer or are more used to.

This is a great game for fans of the Diablo franchise since many of the developers who worked on Diablo with Blizzard had a big hand in Hellgate. Anyone familiar with the series will easily recognize their handiwork.

The Good:

Nearly all of the weapons in the game can be modified by items you find in the game called mods. These can add damage or affect the damage type, as well as having other combat benefits. This makes even weapons that other people may have unique and personalized.

The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes. The Multiplayer mode has an integrated voice chat hosted by Xfire.

6 diverse classes to choose from, all with different specialties such as melee combat, ranged combat, and magical ability.

The Bad:

Sometimes the 'hack and slash' and 'grind' get boring and repititious. There isn't much in the game other than combat.

While the mods make for an interesting addition for the weapons, there aren't any mod options for the armor, which is a shame.

The story is weak or boring at times.

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