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Hellnight is a survival horror game developed by Atlus, and released only in Japan and Europe. It featured a first-person perspective, and involved running away from enemies rather than fighting them. It is today considered a precursor to games like Amnesia, Slender, and Outlast.


Set in Japan at the end of the 20th century, the game starts with the protagonist escaping a group of cultists and then boarding a late-night subway train in order to escape. However, the train is attacked by a monster, who kills everyone on board except for the player and a young girl, Naomi. From here on out, the game is pretty much a non-stop chase as the monster pursues the player deeper and deeper into the underground. Eventually, the player comes across a mysterious underground civilization known as the Mesh.


The player has no weaponry whatsoever with which to defend themselves, and therefore running is pretty much their only chance of survival-- if the pursuing monster catches the player, it's game over. As the player delves deeper and deeper into the underground tunnels beneath the city of Tokyo, he has to try and find shortcuts in order to try and gain more and more terrain over the creature.

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