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#1 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Hey ya'll. There's a new game in the works called Heroes of Newerth that's currently in beta and I've got a couple spare keys just lying around so I figured I'd hand em out at my favorite gaming site. I'd prefer to give them away to people who'd actually use em considering the game is really fun and these keys seem to be in short supply.

Pretty much the game is an updated clone of DotA w/Ice Frog's blessings. If anyone is interested please post in here with a quick why and I'll give what I can to the first couple who seem genuinely interested.

Great croud here =)


#2 Posted by Zeolite (2 posts) -

Hello, i've been playing DotA with my friends for a long time and now, when i saw HoN, think this game can replace DotA. I watched videos on youtube and they were really good! Please, give me a beta-key to test this game! I have much free time to play it! Some of my friends have already got the beta-keys and i want to join them to test this game altogether! Please, sent me a beta-key! My e-mail:

#3 Posted by Vecta (181 posts) -

Hey, was a bit skeptical at first at the large influx of DOTA clones ( Demigod, League of Legends and this) but this one looks like it might actually end up good. And plus its being made by the Savage developers. So toss us a spare key if you feel like it.


#4 Posted by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -

I'd been interested in getting one. A bunch of kids I know play it, and I have no idea what they're talking about when they talk about it. I would be interested in playing something other than Battlefield Heroes all day too. I don't know how many you have left though.

#5 Posted by T0mF5 (937 posts) -

I have to be honest with you and say I would probably never play this.

#6 Posted by lemon360 (1231 posts) -

DotA's not my type of game. Seems kinda stupid. But thats just me. I prefer StarCraft over WarCraft

#7 Posted by dbz1995 (4959 posts) -

I really want to see what this game is like. What platform is it on? What kinda game is it?

#8 Posted by Worthy (123 posts) -

Hey dude, if you still have a spare key, I would be extremely happy if you could PM me one. Played a lot of DoTA, so I am really interested in how this will turn out.

#9 Posted by comedy (102 posts) -

Me and a couple of friends play Dota every week. We really been looking for something to pull us away from it due to the people who play , so if you got any spare I would be very thankful for you to send one my way.

#10 Posted by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -
@dbz1995: Not PS3
#11 Posted by ToxicFruit (1890 posts) -

Been playing Dota for a long time :P i also know one of the guys who made it

if you do have any Keys left send one my way :D

#12 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Please post your e-mails as that's the way that they're being sent out. Those who put up addy's should already have their keys =)


#13 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Done and done. I've still got a couple more laying around, I'll be sure to check back tomorrow sometime.

This is a PC game demo and you download the thing to your HD and play it after creating an account w/the key you receive in the mail. If you've posted ur e-mail and haven't received the key, then there's a good chance it's in your junk filter.

You can go ahead and add me to ur friends list if you want. My account name is, surprise, Fobwashed. I've also got some friends who play that wouldn't mind showing you the ropes if you're on and don't know what's going on. For now actually, just add Deybwah, the rest of my friends are kinda dicks.

Hope you have fun. Oh, btw, try not to disconnect even if you're doing bad. The game keeps track of how many games you leave and everyone can see your leave percentage and if it's high, you'll get booted from future games. And be wary of games that are titled "noobs" or such. Be sure to check stats before the game starts because a lot of those games are started by ppl who know how to play that just want to pad their stats.

Have fun!


#14 Posted by Lazar (50 posts) -

I'll take one of your hands if you still have a key. Love me some DOTA!

#15 Posted by mtosh (123 posts) -

Loved dota and still play it a bit, would be great to get one =]

#16 Posted by SamFo (1641 posts) -

Love to give it a go, always appreciated savage

#17 Posted by gs4u_ (11 posts) -

think I can get one?

#18 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

Thanks for the key :)

#19 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Yea, I'd love to give you guys one, cept I have no e-mail address to send it to -_-;;

I'm too lazy to go looking thru your profiles to see if I can find ur e-mail there so please post ur e-mail address or pm it to me and I'll launch a key your way.


#20 Edited by tim00 (2 posts) -

Please send me one of those...
i really want to try this game...want to try something new
thanks in advance

#21 Posted by gearijigu (22 posts) -

@fobwashed thanks for the key recieved it quickly

#22 Posted by Ben_H (3642 posts) -

I have respect for you DotA people.  I'm so bad at it.

And for good measure:


#23 Posted by Helos (2 posts) -
@Fobwashed: Hey man im a huge fan of DotA and would really appreciate a key. I played other incarnations of DotA like Demigod and would really like to test out this one. Email is:

Thankz man
#24 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Sent. Have fun.

#25 Posted by MythDarK (582 posts) -

Seriously, HoN is a 99% rip of DotA. Sure it's a good game consider that you don't need WC3 to play it, but com on. At least LoL will be just based on the DotA style, not a complete rip of. And LoL is also made by people who have worked on DotA before. The better versions.

#26 Edited by PoonBlaster (2 posts) -

hey man i love dota and cant seem 2 get my hands on a key whch led my search here much abliged for the help email me @

#27 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

Guys, I'm in both the Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and League of Legends (LoL) Betas, and while I can't go into specifics due to NDA's, I can say that my gut says that LoL is the better game.

Right now HoN is just a straight-up rip-off of DotA... and why would I pay for it when I can just play DotA?  LoL, on the other-hand, plays more fresh and I just like the stylized graphics more as well.  Also, the Developers of LoL actually play games with us, are super fucking nice, and actually listen to us hardcore DotA players for advice.  Lastly, I just feel really disconnected from the HoN Beta community (probably cause there's over 30,000+ of these motherfuckers "testing" in Beta right). 

I may hand-over my HoN Beta to someone, if it's allowed (not like anyone will care), but I'm going to give it a few more builds to see where it goes. 

I will say though, that even in Beta, they both kick the shit out of Demigod.  That game was a steaming pile of crap. 

#28 Edited by RSD (2 posts) -

I definitly  want a beta key/account. my mate has it and it is the only thing that will make me happy ever again

#29 Posted by Jush (2 posts) -

Hey, I've been searching for a HoN beta key for ages and so far have had no luck. If you still have a spare one lying around I'd really appreciate it; all my friends have keys except me :(. 
My email is 
Thanks in advance =D
#30 Posted by mythicz (2 posts) -

Hey im a great fan of Dota and have been lokin forwrd to this game for a while the only problem is i cant get my hands on a beta key ive tried evrywhere if u could get me 1 that would be great my email is 
 -thx alot if you can
#31 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

iGames is also going to be offering up a beta for HoN, so check with your local iGames-related gaming center or visit to find out if your local center will be featuring the game. 
Not only will that help build a bigger community for it, but it'll give you a chance to check it out.

#32 Posted by kazam (2 posts) -

another dota fan in the huge ocean of fans. i have seen a friend play this game. looks really cool , would love to get a beta key and join him.

#33 Posted by DEAGLES (3 posts) -

 Hey, are you still giving out any free beta keys? I've been playing DotA for a really long time and would love to get my hands on one thanks!

#34 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -
@Luke:  I'm in LoL and HoN too, and personally I like HoN more.  I want DotA...that's all I want. HoN is better graphics with the same system I'm used to.  Can't go wrong with that.
#35 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Haven't checked here in a while. If anyone is still interested, I've got plenty more to go around. I think as the game is nearing release they're upping the amount of keys they're making available to us to hand out.
In any case, anyone who's interested shoot me a PM or go ahead and post in here and I'll try to send em out in a timely fashion.

#36 Posted by cOff (2 posts) -

Hey, I would definitely like a beta key to this game please ;) ! 
I'm a big dota fan and would really like to check this out :D 
Thanks !

#37 Posted by mkampus (9 posts) -

Hey Fobwashed 
If you could send me a key I would be forever in your debt. 
I'm an insane DOTA fan, plz plz plz 
Thanks dude! :)

#38 Posted by tomikaz (2 posts) -

I am also a DotA fan and I'd really like to play HoN. 
I'd be really grateful if you send me the key 
thanks in advance

#39 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Sent, sent and sent. Have fun.
My in game name is the same as here, Fobwashed, if you wanna find me.

#40 Edited by fljasko (2 posts) -

Hi Steve , have you more keys cuz im lf 1 :)

#41 Posted by mkampus (9 posts) -

Thanks alot Steve, I got my key :)

#42 Posted by nighty (2 posts) -

Hi Steve, I need the key,if u have pls send one to me . . Thank you

#43 Posted by mtosh (123 posts) -
@Fobwashed said:
" Sent, sent and sent. Have fun.  My in game name is the same as here, Fobwashed, if you wanna find me.  Steve "
 If I could get a key, so I can play with some frineds, that would be great! =]
my email is:
#44 Posted by Boris (2 posts) -
#45 Posted by Eldest (2 posts) -

Hey, sent a PM too but posting here just in case, would like a beta-key please : )

#46 Posted by Tsuki_Kage (2 posts) -

Also sent pm, and posting here just in case. Would love a beta-key please.

#47 Posted by FCKSNAP (2337 posts) -

To the dude making all these multiple accounts with the same Wolfenstein avatar trying to get keys:

#48 Posted by demonbear (1931 posts) -

you know, we really need to find a name for these type of games, "dota" is not working for me. 
btw for beta keys : corson27 at hotmail dot com

#49 Edited by floodiastus (1288 posts) -

I would very much like one too fellow giantbombas

#50 Posted by Fobwashed (2552 posts) -

Alright, sent out another batch. Once you're in the beta, you periodically get keys to give out yourself. Share the love!
I've got like 6 friends playing and that's how I have all these keys to send out to others.
I think I got everyone covered, if you want some for your friends, you don't need to make new accounts and ask for them under different names, just give me the e-mail addys you want them sent to and I'll go ahead and give em out if I've got em =P
Have fun and I'll check back here in a few to see if anyone else requested.


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