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Hidetoshi is the no-nonsense Head of the Disciplinary Commitee at Gekkoukan High. As such, he can be quite strict on those who he feels break the rules and don't respect the proper authorities. He's also very persistent when it comes to disciplinary matters, such as with the case of the cigarette in the boys bathroom.

Social Link Details

Hidetoshi is representative of the Emperor Social Link. The Link can be initiated by attending the first Student Council meeting at Gekkoukan High School. From there, Hidetoshi is available to continue the Social Link on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Curiously, he is also usually the most insistent in reminding you of Social Link days.
Once the Social Link starts, Hidetoshi will usually only answer you questions about the school that make him seem quite snobbish and superior in respect to his fellow students. As the Social Link continues, Hidetoshi will discover that someone has been smoking in the bathroom, and will ask for your help in catching the culprit. However, when a teacher later accuses your character of being the culprit due to "suspicious behavior", Hidetoshi will stand up for you. If your character is female, the teacher makes a comment implying that he thinks Hidetoshi has feelings for you.
In the end, Hidetoshi will admit that he is being too harsh, mainly because his father fell outside the law, and he wants to instead uphold the law, but by doing so he has alienated his peers. Therefore, he will try to become a kinder, more understanding person, thanks to your character's influence.

Once the player max out his Social Link, he can fuse the persona Odin in the Velvet Room.
Near the end of the game, if you talk to Hidetoshi again as the male character, he will talk to you about his hopes for the future, and it is implied that he wants to go into teaching. However, if you play as a female character, besides talking to you about the future he will also make as if to tell you something, before saying that "I won't.... Not until I become worthy of you", which supports the theory that he has feelings for you.
The Emperor Arcana

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