lvl10wizard's Hitman: Blood Money (Xbox 360) review

Contract killing has never been so much fun!

Hitman Blood Money is a great game. The level designs are interesting and there are many alternative solutions to each of the assignments. One of the stand out missions for me is "A New Life" where Agent 47 has to take down gangster Vinny Sinistra who is under FBI protection at his house within a west coast gated community. You can take it methodically, poisoning the donuts, rigging the BBQ ect or maybe man the treehouse next door and use it as a sniping position, or just get the garden shears and go Edward Scissorhands on the whole lot of them! It has taken me 2 months, playing on and off, to get all 1000 gamerpoints out of Hitman and even though this required a lot of repetition, going through the game from start to finish 4 times, it has been enjoyable. It is testament to the quality of the game that even though I have clocked the hell out of it I still want to keep it in my collection to play once in a while. There's a certain degree of class or sophistication about HBM, what with the mission at the opera house, and the reference to the Jean Pierre Melvin film Le Samouri (47 has a pet canary in his hideout). The content feels distinctly mature but not only in the sense that the game is violent, which it undoubtably is, but in its overall aesthetic and presentation HBM exudes style.

My parting feeling with this game is: if there's another Hitman game coming out, I'm getting it. I've enjoyed HBM most of all and I hope to see the Hitman series continue with games of this quality.

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