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Hokuto no Ken 6: Gekitou Denshouken Haou e no Michi ("Fist of the North Star 6: Fierce Battle Between Succeeding Fists - The Way of the Conqueror") is the sixth game in Toei's series of Fist of the North Star games and the second to be released on the Super Nintendo. Unlike the previous entries in the series, which were all action/brawler games and RPGs, Hokuto no Ken 6 is a competitive fighting game for up to two players.

The player can select between eight characters from the Hokuto no Ken franchise: Kenshiro, Mr. Heart, Rei, Souther (Thouzer), Raoh, Falco, Kuroyasha and Kaioh. There's also a secret boss, which is a palette-swapped Kenshiro considered an entity that collects the thoughts and memories of previous Hokuto Ryuu Ken (an evil offshoot of Kenshiro's martial art Hokuto Shinken) masters.

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