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HRAP, colored wires, and square gate. 
 The Hori Real Arcade Pro list of parts :  

  • Sanwa JLF-TP8Y-SK Joystick

  • 35 mm Ball top.

  • 30 mm snap in buttons, with color coded wires and quick disconnects. 

  •  24 mm snap in start and select buttons.

  • Traditional Japanese square gate

  • Wired USB connection, 3 meters long

Different Versions of the HRAP3

Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA
*please only post versions the HRAP3, not other HRAP models  
  A special edition of the Hori Real Arcade Pro was released called the Hori Real Arcade Pro Special Edition. Aesthetically the HRAP3 SA differs from the standard version; It features all white buttons ,and a brushed stainless faceplate. The SA uses OBSF-30/24 buttons and the same  JLF-TP8Y-SK joystick as the standard version.


Modded HRAP with new buttons and "bubble" ball top 
The Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 uses standard snap in 30 mm arcade buttons that are wired with quick disconnects. Most arcade sticks that where released before the HRAP have had there buttons soldered directly to the PCB. This makes the Hori Real Arcade Pro vary easy to modify, because no soldering equipment or skills are required.    

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