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In History

Huche'er served under the tyrant Dong Zhuo until the latter's death. He then went on to serve Zhang Xiu, and was said to be the greatest warrior in his army.

When Zhang Xiu stood against Cao Cao's army (although hopelessly outnumbered), Huche'er played a major role in the ambush claimed the lives of the famed general Dian Wei and Cao Cao's eldest son, and nearly that of Cao Cao himself.

After Zhang Xiu's surrender, Cao Cao gifted Huche'er gold for his great skill in battle.

Portrayal in Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel

Huche'er's appearance in the is largely the same as in real life, though in the novel during the Battle of Wancheng Huche'er proposed the plan of stealing Dian Wei's halberd, and performed the task himself.

Portrayal in Romance of the Three Kingdoms Video Games

In the video game series based on the historical novel of the same name, Huche'er is portrayed as a competent warrior particularly skilled at dueling, though lacking in other areas (his politics are one of the lowest in the game). He is a playable character in the game.

Portrayal in Dynasty Warriors

Huche'er has appeared in the Dynasty Warriors series as well. In this series, however, he is a non-playable character. He appears as a generic officer, sharing his appearance with many other officers, in games before Dynasty Warriors 7. In Dynasty Warriors 7, Huche'er has a somewhat differentiated model, being the only officer in the game to wear his particular mask.

Huche'er's Origin

Huche'er is not of Chinese origin, though his origin has been debated by historians for many years. Some say he was likely Slavic, though others say it was more likely that he was Magyar, Jewish, Persian, or Hun.

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