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One of the main characters in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it can be argued if he's an antagonist or simply a misguided character, a member of the Illuminati, builder of the Panchaea complex and most importantly founder of mechanical augmentations, he plays a pivotal role in Deus Ex: Human revolution. He was born in 1973, he was a natural athlete, apart from being active in his schools sports teams, he found school itself to be boring, although h was attending very prestigious institutions. Robotics has been, and remains Darrow's passion among other things. At an early age he built a simple, but working robot. In his late teens he started a robotics lab and at 21 he started Robot Wars. He's interest in robotics eventually led him to the fields of biotechnology and human augmentation. His research and accomplishments were groundbreaking, it was this time of his life in which he became the "father of human augmentation". Sometimes during the 90's, Hugh Darrow met David Sarif, and Darrow became his close friend and mentor, this relationship inspired Sarif to start Sarif Industries in 2007. He is also the creator of the ambitious Panchaea complex, which was built to stem global warming. Ironically, Hugh Darrow posses no augmentations, his genetic code is incompatible with mechanical augmentations, as such, his skin wouldn't process the change well. Hugh Darrow was the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Sarif scientists, and the control biochips that were posed as upgrades. The Illuminatis' plan was to use the chips to control the populace, Darrow however only wanted to make the augs go insane, so he could prove to the world the dangers of augmentation, he hoped to end augmentation application and research. Darrow activated the kill switch for the bio-chips while in his Panchaea installation, resulting in Adam Jensens arrival and attempt to stop Darrow. In a long conversation of a philosophical sort, Darrow explains his reasons for the kill switches, and the Hyperion project, which acted as the broadcast relay. Adam Jensen manages to convince him of how wrong his views are, and he, filled with remorse and doubt, allows Adam to stop his plans.


Hugh Darrow is a very intelligent man, who is firm in his belief. He is confident, and he believes that he is an educator of "lesser men". As such convincing Darrow of the wrongness of his plans can be difficult. He is a close friend of David Sarif, and it can be assumed that he cares for him as a friend.


As the founder of mechanical based augmentations, Hugh Darrow is well known in the Deus Ex universe, he commands the respect of prominent politicians, and he is easily one of the most wealthy people on the planet. Some of his notable accomplishments include:

  • At the age of 10 he builds a crude, working robot.
  • At the age of 16 he starts a makeshift robotics lab.
  • Sometimes during the 1990's he meets David Sarif, and becomes his close friend and mentor.
  • During the 2020's he envisions and builds the Panchaea complex, to solve the global warming problem. The complex was built by augmented workers. Panchaea is also the location of the bio-chip kill switch activation incident.
  • He receives a Nobel Prize at some point in his life, presumably in the field of science.
  • Member of the Illuminati.

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