I cannot stop playing this.

#1 Posted by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

I picked this up used the other day for a measly $25. I had remembered it received positive reviews all over the net, but I wasn't sold yet. My buddy picked up Prototype and was telling me about how awesome it was, and that's what motivated me to buy this. He's currently working on Prototype, and I'm playing this.  I've only had it for two or three days so far, and just cannot stop playing it. It's totally exceeded my expectations. From the amazing urban landscape, to the comic book style enemies, diverse attacks and gameplay, I'm loving this title! A lot of the gameplay mechanics remind me of Uncharted 2 and that's a good thing.  
I don't think there is any way possible Prototype is going to top this, when I finally get around to swapping him! :D
As soon as I finish my campaign of evil, I'm going to fire up a new game as a goody. Damn this game is good, I cannot wait for the sequel.

#2 Posted by DuderBattalion (284 posts) -

One of the best games I had played that year for sure. I totally know what you mean. How far are you in the game ?

#3 Posted by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

I am in the process of taking out all of those poisonous gas balloons floating above the city, I think there are 5 of them.  I'd done three so far when I saved and quit.

#4 Posted by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

Completed it as Evil Cole. Want to jump right back into this and finish it as Hero Cole, as soon as I'm done playing Arkham Asylum & Assassin's Creed II. After finishing this game and seeing it right through until the end, this game was all good, all the time.  One of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. Well done Sucker Punch, inFamous is a monumental game!

#5 Posted by SSully (4657 posts) -

It really is a great game. The controls and combat are just so fluid, it makes you feel so powerful. I cannot wait for InFamous 2.

#6 Posted by Ghostiet (5587 posts) -

I found playing Hero on Hard easier - it's less of a hassle to heal and regenerate ammo than when you're Infamous.

A great game, really. The only real flaw I could name is that the Warren is way too long. Half of events there should take place in the History district, it brings some unnecessary fatigue.

#7 Posted by Yummylee (23238 posts) -

It took a while for me to really get into it. I liked it, but it was until the second island that I then started to sink 5-8 hours at a time in the game.

#8 Posted by Romination (2823 posts) -

I'm here for team Prototype! Team Prototype? Anyone? 
...oh well... 
Yeah, you probably won't like Prototype as much. That game's more about 'GO WRECK SHIT' while inFamous actually tries to have a story and ground it more (even though you're electric dude). Though it makes you feel sooo good in Prototype when you beat a tank to death and then throw it at a helicopter (followed up by a flying kick).

#9 Posted by InfamousBIG (3293 posts) -

I have never played this game.  But I want to.

#10 Posted by Tandm5 (3 posts) -

Definitely a great game.  The first play through as Good Cole took a few days of casual playing, but I blew through the Bad Cole campaign in a couple hours.  Total disregard for citizen safety is a plus.

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