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Infinite resource spots are locations where health and/or ammo is unlimited, and are usually featured in games where the player cannot regenerate these resources on his or her own. Some spots may be restricted to set areas in a game: For example, in Team Fortress 2, cabinets that deliver infinite amounts of health and ammo are typically only found within a respawn point. In other cases, these spots are placed sparingly around levels, to prevent abuse and encourage strategy on the player's behalf.

Infinite resource spots may also have various limitations, such as slow replenishing or a cooldown period before the player is allowed to use the spot again. Certain spots might only replenish a set amount of health or energy as well, either as a means of forcing the player to play cautiously, or perhaps to encourage more frequent deaths in a multiplayer game.

Some strategy games feature spots that generate resources based on the amount of territory the player controls. These spots could also be contingent on the construction of a set building in such a game: Once the building is created, the spot is then unlocked.

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