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Ingo is a ranch hand that works at Lon Lon Ranch in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Though he works hard, he constantly grumbles about the laziness of his boss, Talon.

Ocarina of Time

Ingo in Ocarina of Time.

During the era in which Link is a child, Ingo is a ranch hand working under Talon at Lon Lon Ranch. His bitter attitude toward his work and his boss foreshadow what is to come later in the game.

In the future era, it is revealed that Ganondorf has given Ingo control of Lon Lon Ranch. Ingo has since kickedand has kicked Talon out, and forces Malon to slave away in her work. Now in full control, Ingo's greed and vanity are on full display, and when Link challenges him to a race, he readily accepts.

After Link wins and manages to escape the ranch (because Ingo locks the gate), Talon regains control. Ingo's personality undergoes a shift when he returns to being a ranch hand, and he is happy to be working under Talon again.

Oracle of Seasons

In The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Ingo is a resident of Sunken City and is an avid collector of vases. Link is required to get the Goron vase from Biggoron to continue the trading sequence.

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