Anyone else having some input issues with this game?

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Sup, folks.

Bought Injustice last night, and am enjoying it for the most part. Grew up on the old Mortal Kombat games, loved MK9, and this seems to be a neat evolution of that kind of fighter.

That said, I'm having some issues and I can't tell if it's just a growing pain or something more endemic to the game itself.

Mostly, it concerns jumping. In Mortal Kombat, you can jump over your enemies and attack with either a kick or a punch with relative security that you'll auto-correct for direction. That is, if your enemy is standing in place you can jump over their head from their left to their right and your jumping attack will always land. This doesn't seem to be the case with Injustice. In fact, it seems like the opposite is the norm. You have to jump into your opponent to land a jumping attack. Am I on the ball with that, or is there some mechanical thing I'm missing?

Secondly, probably 40% of the time, my diagonal jump inputs don't register and I'm accidentally jumping straight up into the air, opening myself up for large-scale punishments. I'd be willing to blame the controller, but after testing with Mortal Kombat I've found the controller to be just fine.

Lastly, and not related to jumping, I'm having a lot of issues with blocking and breakers. Now, this is more a function of my having been raised on block-buttoned fighting games (as opposed to their backward-walking counterparts), but it seems like breakers are extremely finnicky and difficult to execute with sustained reliability. I'd just like to see what other people think about the situation, and whether it's just something I'll probably get over with time.

Thanks in advance for the responses!

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@historyinrust: Mortal Kombat is kind of an oddity with how it's jump attacks work, most fighting games that I have played don't correct for direction.

What controller are you using? I have had no trouble at all with diagonal jumps on the Dualshock's d-pad.

As for the clashes I don't know what to tell you, I also have a really hard time getting them to work reliably especially online.

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@darkshaper: Good to know about Mortal Kombat.

I've swapped between two different standard Dualshocks, both for Injustice and MK, for the tests. Seems to be about the same number of weird issues for Injustice regardless. Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong, but that's a pretty skeptical maybe.

And I haven't gone online all that much yet. I didn't with MK, either. Played it just more or less to abuse the AI. The lack of a block button has been a tough transition for me, just speaking generally, but I can't seem to ever get a breaker when I need it.

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@historyinrust: The directional thing you mention is intentional and in this game allows for a technique called a "cross-up," where you jump just SLIGHTLY past your opponent and execute a mid-air strike. If timed correctly, the opponent essentially has to hit forward to block (because you'll have crossed over them), which can be extremely effective for keeping them on their toes.

I'm also having difficulty with the Clashes both online and off, so I think it might just be a finicky system.

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For clashes you have to HOLD forward and R2 and also have to get hit at least two times before the clash can happen. So if you're opponent is smart and knows you're trying to bait a clash for health regen he will attack with hard hitting single attacks.

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@demoskinos: This is one of the exact tips I needed. Thanks a bunch.

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@demoskinos: This is one of the exact tips I needed. Thanks a bunch.

No problem. The game does a piss poor job explaining the mechanic and I was insanely confused about it myself for a while.

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I have seen the comp get a clash off in one hit, though never been able to achieve this myself. While clashes are quite useful if only to burn the other player's super meter they're so unreliable as to not be worth it particularly often; main time to use it is in the middle of a lengthy combo.

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