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Irish is your typical, well, Irish stereotype. Drunk, untidy but with the gift of the gab, Irish has mostly gone through life talking his way up an easy road. John Marston looks Irish up via information given by West Dickens to help with the assault on Fort Mercer, eventually finding him in the town of Armadillo where he is being threatened and harassed by a Welsh man and a French man. John saves his life and deems it all the more so that Irish should help with John's goals.

Red Dead Redemption

Throughout missions with Irish, John is always left to do all the heavy lifting and is lied to by Irish constantly. He does manage to pull through by getting John a Gatling gun as well as plenty of ammo. Not without a lot of John's own effort of course.

Irish does also show up for the assault on Fort Mercer, though is nowhere to be seen during the gun battles, only appearing again once all the shootings done. John then learns of Bill Williamson fleeing to Mexico, to which Irish offers his services to get John across the river to continue his chase. Irish escorts John to a raft and they both make their way across until they are ambushed by a large squad of Mexicans who are ''associates'' of Irish. The kind that feel that Irish is at his best when he's riddled with bullets. The two manage to fight their way through and arrive to the shores of Mexico, were Irish makes his final farewell to John. During the cutscene, Irish touches a horse's scrotum.

Irish isn't encountered again physically, though is mentioned in the end game newspaper to which states he apparently shot himself by mistake.

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