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Jacob Temple was the Second Engineer aboard the USG Isihmura, and one of the few people to survive by the time the events of the game begun. Temple was more proactive than most during the start of the Necromorph outbreak, quickly realizing that a plan of action must be taken, and that sitting around waiting for help was only going to lead to death. To that end, he began looking for his girlfriend Elizabeth Cross, and a way off the ship. On his way to find her, he drops several audio logs describing his journey and his encounters with the Necromorphs. Eventually he finds Dr. Cross, but the two are captured by Dr. Mercer, a crazed scientist, and killed in order to provide more bodies for the Necromorphs to re-animate.
Jacob Temple in many was very similar to the player character, Isaac Clarke. Both are engineers who must venture through the ship, both encounter various mechanical problems that as engineers they must overcome, and both are in search of their romantic interest and a way off the ship. Temple travels relatively the same path through the ship as Isaac, hence Isaac finding his recordings. Also, both characters meet up with their respective lover on the Mining Deck of the ship. Additionally, Temple uses found weapons like the Plasma Cutter to defend himself against the Necromorphs.

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