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Rodcet Nife

Being the daughter of two paladins hailing from the Temple of Life and the Temple of Thunder respectively, Jaylia was raised under the tutelage of the best clerics of Qeynos. After her father died, her mother sent her to seek training with the Knights of Truth in Freeport, which increased her sense of honor and valor. While in Freeport, Jaylia's mother died as a result of the plagues brought about by the Erudites of Paineel. The Heretics, as they became known, had began testing their necromancy and disease-based magic on the animals in the plains, which affect many in the city. Some of the city's best warriors were sent into the fields by Antonius Bayle III to slay all of the diseased animals. These warriors were followed by some of the most adept priests that the temples of Thunder and Life had to offer. Jaylia was among these priests. While almost all of the priests succumbed to the plague or retreated back to the city, Jaylia prayed to Rodcet Nife to give her the strength to go on, refusing to use her waning energy to heal herself, instead using it to heal the warriors in battle. The Prime Healer answered her call, and invited her to join the Realm of Heroes.

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