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Jeroen Godfried Tel was born in The Netherlands on May 19th of 1972. He is a musician and composer of, mostly, electronic music. Jeroen Tel is widely known for his work on many video games for the Commodore 64. His most famous composition include work for Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, Myth and Supremacy. He is also a co-founder of the demoscene music group "Maniacs of Noise", where he used the alias WAVE and frequently works as a DJ. Recently, an arranged version of his theme for Cybernoid II was performed and recorded by the C64 Orchestra.

Composing music in the Commodore 64 Era
In an interview Jeroen explained how hard it was to create music for video games. The Commodore 64, while known for its extraordinary music chip at that time, only had three programmable channels available for music. Jeroen explains in the interview how composers had to be creative and had to find ways to rapidly switch between notes on one channel to save space. He goes on to give an example how he put the bass line and the drums on the same channel and just switched rapidly between those to create a rhythm.

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