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Jessica Martin is an actress that lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Primarily a stage actress, she was cast in the role of Samus Aran in Metroid: Other M as her first video game voice role. In an interview with Dan Hsu of Bitmob, Nintendo of America localization producer Nate Bihldorff elaborated on the casting process. After performing her audition for the localization staff at Nintendo of America, the recording was sent to Yoshio Sakamoto in Japan. Sakamoto, who does not speak English, made the final selection based on what he felt matched the timbre of Samus's voice in his mind. 
In an interview about her work in Other M, Martin noted that Samus's narration, often criticized as being flat, was intentionally meant to sound detached, in the mode of one recalling past events. She also mentioned having a good rapport with Sakamoto, whom she met during her voice recording sessions, and made positive comparisons between the experience of voice acting with her work as a stage actress.

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