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 Every five levels a new ship needs to be built
The object of the game is to collect parts for the rocket ship in order to build it and then collect fuel for the rocket ship in order to take off to the next level. Fuel tanks drops down from the top of the screen and the player must collect the fuel tanks then drop it over the rocket ship in order to give it fuel. After the player has provided the rocket ship five fuel tanks the ship will begin to flash and the player can then enter the ship to advance to the next level. After the first level the rocket ship remains assembled, and after five levels a new rocket ship must be built. The game has a total of 16 levels, and once all the levels are complete the game loops back to level one where the first rocket ship must be built again.

On each level there is a different enemy type that will kill the player if they run into it. The enemies can be destroyed with the laser beam weapon that the player is equipped with. The player begins the game with 5 lives, and extra lives can be earned through increasing the score. The player can increase the score by destroying enemies, collecting fuel tanks, and collecting objects that are dropped from the top of the screen. The objects include diamonds, radiation symbols, gold bars, and more.


While the game was originally released for the BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and VIC-20, the game can also be unlocked in Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64. It is also included in the game Jetpac Refuelled which is an updated take on the game.

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