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Before the outbreak, Jimmy Gibbs Jr. was the most famous stock car racer in the sport, winning the Super Cup four times. A living legend in the South, his status has been compared to that of Elvis. 
Jimmy Gibbs Jr. (deceased)
Sadly, Jimmy Gibbs fell victim to the "Green Flu" zombie plague outbreak while in Savannah, Georgia. His stock car, however, came to great use when the survivors of Left 4 Dead 2 made their escape from the Infected-ridden mall they had found themselves in. 
At random occurrences, the now Infected Jimmy Gibbs Jr. can appear as a common infected to attack the survivors. He has the the same attributes as a normal infected, but has special attributes such as a higher stamina and the ability to blind the player with motor oil. (similar to the Mudmen in Swamp Fever) However he is not coded to gib or be dismembered. Coach displays reluctance in shooting his hero when he appears and Ellis shows utter despair.

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