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Do not waste your money on Daikatana.

I would like to start off this review by saying: Do not waste your money on Daikatana. I know thats a pretty harsh way to start off a review, but I have never been more serious in my life. And I'm a pretty serious guy(most of the time).

Daikatana for the PC was not the worst game by any means, but it was certainly not a good game. Underneath the bugs and the save issues and the poor AI, there was a respectful glitter of effort. At least the PC version has a soul. When I heard they were developing a port for the N64, I'll admit I was a little excited. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to fix the bugs and turn a flawed game into a fun N64 shooter. You can imagine my reaction when I saw the first 2 seconds of the opening cutscene.

Daikatana for the N64 makes the PC version seem like a epic masterpiece for the ages(whatever the hell that means). Everything in this game is bad. From the graphics to the gameplay to the little bits of sound here and there.

The sound is the worst, and especially the music. The music is pure torture. Every level is the same song repeating over and over. Its pretty bad. The weapons sound all sound mostly the same and your character apparently floats through each level, because I sure as hell don't hear any footsteps underneath him.

Daikatana for the N64 is about as bad as a game gets. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away as you can from this game. It will result in a longer, healthier life.

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