Delayed Video Games

These are the games that went through many development complications. Some have good excuses but some are simply unacceptable.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

- Shigeru Miyamoto

A summary of what you must NOT do when making a video game:

  • Always stick to one game engine
  • Choose your publisher wisely
  • Don't make public announcements that are too ambitious and not 100% guaranteed
  • Communication with fellow employees is key
  • Spend money wisely
  • Game design is important. Write stuff down first before implementing it
  • Just don't take FOREVER (Haha! Suck it, 3D Realms!)

Please suggest more games that went through development hell.

The games have been carefully listed, so the ones that are still under development (or cancelled) will be on top whereas the other ones that have been released are at the bottom.

Special thanks to Gump.

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You forgot:

Alan Wake 
(Development Date: 2004, Expected Release Date: 2010)
Why It Took So Long:  Extensive postproduction which ended up taking nearly twice as long as originally planned.

L.A. Noire 
(Development Date: 2006, Expected Release Date: 2010),
Why It Took So Long: Development costs.
Red Dead Redemption 
(Development Date: 2005, Expected Release Date: 2010), 
Why It Took So Long: Development disorder of the most "epic proportions".

Mafia II 
(Development Date: 2004/2007, Expected Release Date: 2010)
Why It Took So Long: The conflict and disagreements Illusion Softworks had with the head programmer later was said to be the reason why the company delayed plans for the sequel.

and many games...

Posted by Psykhophear
@Gump: Great. Thanks again!
Posted by Pulstar

very nice list! enjoyed reading it! gimme more!

Posted by Psykhophear
@Pulstar: Thanks, Pulstar. :)
Posted by scarace360

why red dead and la noire took so long are because there rockstar games. they take forever and are awesome/

Posted by maimran91

Great news! Gearbox is continuing the development of Duke Nukem Forever! Seriously, I'm not lying.

Posted by Psykhophear
@maimran91: I KNOW!!! Finally we get to see DNF having a release date.
Posted by Cerogravian

 A summary of what you must NOTdo when making a video game:  

When considering the examples that follow, is this an attempt at irony, a case of forgetting the title under which you post examples, or really bad judgement? ("DON'T spend money wisely"?) 
Hmm, just realised that it might be your qualifications for games that are to be added to the list... Though it sounded more like advice than guidelines to me...
Sorry, just thought it might need some editing ;)

Posted by Kruiskamper

Can you add: Watch_Dogs and The Devision?