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During the opening hours of the Maisonette 9 Luis Lopez may travel to the club to participate in one of the club management missions. In these missions Joni hands him an earpiece and tells him to go to various different areas of the club, looking for trouble and kicking out those breaking the rules of the club . At points Joni may also call Luis back to the surveillance room, telling him there is an emergency. In some of these instances Luis will have to end his job by carrying out special errands Joni gives him, however in other situations the emergency turns out to be a ruse and she may perform other interactions. She may talk to Luis angrily, lap dance for him, let him have sex with her over a desk, or appear with her dress hitched up over her panties and stockings, and give him oral sex.

The exact relationship between Luis and Joni is unclear, although it should be noted that Luis is able to take on girlfriends and interact with them with Joni knowing of little to none of these activities, and that Luis receives friendly emails from Joni. The concept art of Joni also appears on the games opening loading screen.

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