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The Maisonette 9 was founded by Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince in 2003, in an old warehouse. Gay Tony also owns another club called Hercules, with Hercules being a gay club and the Maisonette 9 being a straight one. The club is managed by the close friend of Tony and protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis Lopez. It also employs doorman Dessie, security monitor Joni, and a number of bouncers and waitresses. The club is frequented by Grand Theft Auto IV main game characters Brucie Kibbutz and Roman Bellic, and has been visited by Alex Chilton, Gracie Ancelotti and Carmen Ortiz. Later into The Ballad of Gay Tony, the club, along with Hercules, is shut down by the city after Gay Tony refuses to pay his debts on the club, distracted by his downwardly spiralling life of drug addiction and inadvertent conflict with Ray Bulgarin. The empty club becomes the location of a shootout when Bulgarin's men storm the building, aiming to kill Tony and Lopez, however, the two manage to kill Bulgarin's men and escape. At the end of the story Lopez's rich friend Yusuf Amir buys up and reopens the club for Tony and Lopez.


Throughout the DLC players may visit the Maisonette 9 to participate in various different activities. There Lopez can take shots, play a champagne chugging mini-game, play a dancing mini-game or perform club management missions. Should he be successful in the dancing mini-game he will have sex in the toilets of the club with the woman he was dancing with. In the club management missions Joni instructs him to patrol different areas of the club and look around for trouble, occasionally approaching individuals who need to be thrown out of the club. At certain points Joni also calls him back to the surveillance room, either to give him special errands which he must run for celebrities to complete the mission, to talk to him, or to give him sexual favours. Should he draw his weapon at any time in the club Luis cannot return for 24 hours.


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