Finally turned a corner on this game.

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I remember watching the beta Quick Look a while back and being dumbfounded. It looked nice, but the limited gameplay and goals didn't make sense to me.

But I just watched this interview with Jenova Chen. He seems like a pretty pleasant dude, occasionally pretentious but down to earth. Check it out, might change your mind if you were unsure.

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For some reason, knowing what he's going for makes me want to play the damn thing. Reviews seem to say that they've achieved what they were going for, which is an adventure experience. Interesting to hear what he says about the co-op, as well. Going into it with the right mindset seems to be key in getting the most out of it. I'm all about hardest difficulties and tough achievements, so I might need this after all the SSX and Mass Effect I've been playing.

It's about the journey, man. Honestly, this sort of makes me wanna check out Flow and Flower (and Flowest, if Jeff and Brad's prediction comes true). Can't wait to play it.

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Played the game last week, and I loved it. It was a relief after playing ME3 for 14 hours straight before hand. I had a general sense of what to expect from the QL last year. When I booted it up I wanted to explore for the sake of finding cool hidden objects, which in turn would lead to trophies. However, that shortly turned into just exploring to see everything. I wanted to soak up that world and all it had to offer. Extremely well done, and well worth the price. It is a short game, but it is packed full of goodness.

As for that video, I want to either give that host guy some heroin to calm him down, or morphine after I bash his skull in with a bat.

EDIT: After watching the entire video I want the host to have the same experience as Ray Liotta's character in Hannibal. Also, added a bit more about the game.

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wow that was a fantastic interview. I love how humble and honest he is and his willingness to challenge the conventions of gaming. I already preordered journey and can't wait to play it

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@GeneralZod37 Yeah, Greg (the interviewer) is all about manic energy. At least Chen sort of balances out the universe here.

Good to know that the world's worth exploring. I wasn't sure if there was much worth seeing, since screenshots don't really show much variety. At first glance, anyway.

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