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One of the Best Hidden Gems Ever 2

It's really hard to look at JSRF and say, "man, that looks like a rad game." However, this is exactly what you should do. JSRF takes place in a fictional futuristic Tokyo where the everyone is oppressed by a hostile police force except for a small group of Jet Setters on roller blades with rockets on them (hold on let me finish). The object of the game is obviously to put forth some sort of rebellion against the police. Visually the game is a stunning piece of work. The city is vibrant, expansiv...

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Smilebit serves up another stylish, standout classic. 0

 - Intro - Hip, modish, daring and dashing are the words that can most accurately describe the Jet Set Radio series. The first game, entitled Jet Grind Radio for the American market, defined gaming standards. It is obvious that it broke barriers of game themes and content by using the absurd idea of rebellious teenagers roaming the streets of a futuristic Tokyo and spray painting every wall in sight. Not selling nearly as many copies as expected, especially in the Japanese market that us...

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Worth Revisiting? Almost Certainly 0

Note: I never owned an original Xbox, and as such never played JSRF as it was meant to be played. This review is one of the game played with the 360's less than perfect backwards compatibility. I'm fully aware some of the issues I experienced weren't present in the original, but I've only got my personal experie nce to go on when it comes to this. Taking such matters into account simply isn't possible. If any game were to sum up the 'almost-retro' fashion stylings of the early double-0s, it woul...

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Have You Seen My Graffiti Soul? 0

The soul of the streets has been lost, and it is up to you to find it! But first you need to find cronies to join your crew, along with flags, platforms, and every last piece of graffiti that is plastered on the glorious face of Tokyo! That sounds fun... Right? Jet Set Radio Future is a weird little game, its half extreme sport, half platformer. All wrapped in mind warping cell shaded graphics, and doused in trip-in hip-hop tunes. The game looks and sounds great, and has a great sense of style t...

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