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The Jumper Sausage Review 2

Where do I begin? I guess I can start off by firmly saying that Jumper: Griffin's Story is the worst X360 game I have ever played. I’ll get some quick points out of the way first. There’s not much to the audio in this game. There’s simple music, lackluster sound effects and while Jamie Bell does lend his voice for the game, he wasn’t given much to do. What I’m basically saying is that the audio is the best part of the game. Can you see where this review is heading already? The controls are junk ...

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The one game you'd be stupid NOT to buy. 2

6 extreme levels, 9 weapons, 21 collectibles, 3 sets of combos and 45 minutes of gameplay. What a bargain!6 levels of "intuitive" combat against a variety of blobs (polygons?) that have legs and try to kick you. You use your trusty weapon and useless "Nightcrawler-wannabe" skills to attack them. At the end of each level is a boss that you use the same combat against. Credits roll after 45-60 minutes, and you play it one more time to get the rest of your 1,000 gamerscore. Then you return it. Bec...

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Jumper: It's a Game Sorta 0

The trailer for this movie looked incredibly uninspired when I first saw it. I didn’t watch it. I think Hayden Christiansen is a better actor now then he was during The Clone Wars, but the plot looked uninspired. Another movie licensed game couldn’t be bad right? Talk about a complete turn-off for a movie through a game. Now I really don’t have any interest in Jumper. First of all, the game gives you control of . I don’t know who is. I know who Hayden Christiansen is. But in the Jumper game I ...

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Jumper: The Achievement Whores Gold Mine 0

So Jumper: Griffin's Story is, and I mean it, the single worst game that I have EVER played let alone set the time to beat it (1 hour at most) and collect every achievement (maybe 2 hours).This game is terrible for many reasons. First off, it took me a whopping 1 full hour to play from start to finish. Let me remind you that this game was on shelves for 60 DOLLARS at one point in time. Sure I purchased it for 2 when the local Game Crazy went out of business but still! I want my 2 dollars back.In...

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The useless Jumper 0

There is only one place to start with this game, it sucks. As soon as the game begins, you can tell by the poor graphics and anoying controls. This is the game based on the 2008 film which i am told is rubbish so the game is about up to the same standards.This game follows griffin through 6 levels of varying length and difficulty. The are collectables and weapons to collect throughout the game to extend the lifeline. The problem with these levels is that they are so linear and short that the pla...

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