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Rampage Edition's animated title screen.

After the success of the original Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis, a sequel was pitched to take advantage of the remaining interest in the franchise. The game was soon approved for development with most of the original team intact, though with a significantly shorter schedule of about six to eight months. A programmer from the first game, Jason Weesner, wrote the original design document for the game.

For Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition, a completely new game engine was built to handle the new environments. Though much of the art from the original Jurassic Park was recycled for use. Though many sprites were noticeably touched up, with most characters receiving a defined black outline. Similarly the original game, you could still opt to trade in your guns for claws and play as the velociraptor.


Rampage Edition differed from its predecessor in several ways. In the first Jurassic Park the developers were given specific instructions to not allow the player to kill dinosaurs for fear that it would frighten children playing the game. However for Rampage Edition the player's arsenal was extended to include armament such as flamethrowers, machine guns, and a plasma weapon that reduced enemies to skeletons before turning them to dust. Because of this more apparent violence the game was given the now-defunct rating of MA-13.

In the original game the player progressed through levels in a strictly linear fashion. For the sequel the level progression became much more non-linear, allowing you to select one of three stages when you begin. Completing these stages in any order opened access to more.

Level Design

The game gave you six levels to play if you select to play as Grant and a total of five levels if you play as the velociraptor. Depending on which character you chose meant each level would play out different and in a slightly different order.

The Aviary

Grant works his way back to the ground.

Selecting Grant starts you in the grip of a flying pteranodon which drops you in its nest, but not before exposing you to attacks from soldiers and other dinosaurs. Your goal is then to work your way from the tree tops back down to the bottom of the stage. As you make your way down you must avoid fire from enemy soldiers as well as dinosaur attacks. In addition to this, occasionally a pteranodon latch on to you, taking you back to the top of the level. On the other side, when playing as the velociraptor you must work your way from the bottom of the stage up to the top, and then down once more.

The Savanna

Immediately upon starting this stage as Grant you are met with a stationary gallimimus. Jumping near it causes Grant

Cruisin' down the street on a gallimimus back.

to get on its back and shout "Yeehaw!" From here you ride through the stage's barren landscape while avoiding occasional explosive attacks from a helicopter. Playing as the raptor has you running straight from one end of the stage to the other while avoiding attacks from the same chopper, as well as other dinosaurs and soldiers.

Cargo Ship

Playing as Grant has you starting in the back of the ship, working your way up to the main deck. Upon making your way the the front of the ship the floor collapses and you find yourself inside the ship. Grant continues to make his way deeper in the ship before it begins to take on water. As the ship sinks you must keep above the rising water level and escape. Playing as the velociraptor has this stage as the finale where you confront your nemesis, the red raptor.

The cargo ship stage was apparently inspired by a Japanese Super Famicom game called Septentrion, which took place on a sinking Titanic-like luxury liner.

The Hidden Ruins

This stage takes place in a series of overgrown ruins that strongly resembles those of the aztec. The stage unfolds similarly for both players,

Riding on a triceratops.

progressing as you move deeper down in the ruins. One area where the two players differ in this zone is a segment where Grant rides a triceratops, breaking through a series of weak walls.

Raptor Rapids

Playing as Grant has you beginning the stage in a motorboat, similar to a segment in the original game. Grant works his way through the river in the boat, dodging attacks from soldiers and dinosaurs. Notably as you continue playing the stage the lighting will progress from day to night. Playing as the velociraptor has you running through the stage on the ground, with the river in the background.

Burning River

Grant attempts to dodge the Tyrannosaurus.

This stage, which is exclusive to Grant's campaign, sees you still piloting the motorboat from the previous level while a T-Rex chases you down through the river. Completing this stage results in victory.


As Grant the game's ending sees you escape the island on the same motorboat which you used to escape the T-Rex moments earlier. As the velociraptor it is assumed that you escape the island concealed in the cargo ship in which you defeated the red raptor.

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