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Is Jurassic Park able to revolutionize the interactive storytelling genre? Or is it simply a pre-historic mess? 0

Let's Review! : Jurassic Park The Game (Video Review)****Please note: This review is taken directly from the video review linked above :)****Welcome... to Jurassic Park The Game.*Picture of T-rex pops up, T-rex noise**Picture of Flying Dinosaur bird pops up, Cah-caw**Picture of Brontosaurus pops up, MooOooo*What!? What the f*ck was that?Everyone knows who TellTale Games is by now. They are the brilliant creators of the highly praised 2012 Game of The Year, The Walking Dead. Now Walking Dead had ...

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Worthy 0

What is this game? Heavy Rain meets Jurassic Park is the answer. But there's much more to it than that. There are dinosaurs, see? In all honesty, the story takes a while to kick off but when it does, you will find yourself hooked!It's one of those stories that takes place during as well as after the first movie. The game is almost entirely quick time events, which can be annoying. I ran into issues with the 'mash button repeatedly' while using an XBOX 360 controller on the PC version. I found us...

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Jurassic Park: The Game Review: A Somewhat Clever Girl 0

(I wrote this review for - have a rule: whenever Jurassic Park comes on cable, I have to watch it. Something about murderous dinosaurs stalking scientists is awesome and instantly engaging. The big question is whether or not Jurassic Park: The Gamecaptures the same tension and storytelling. Presenting the nail-biting edge of your seat anxiety found in movies is not an easy task for video ...

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What a Fossil 0

Bought this just before Xmas in the Steam sale. 50% off which is just as well.Was Telltale's first foray into the action genre worth the wait?Unfortunately it is a resounding NO. There are too many issues with this game to call it anything but a massive disappointment.The film is set sround the events of the original movie. Revolving round the canister of embryos lost by Nedry as he tried to flee the island.You control a variety of characters from a father/daughter team (fun fact: the character ...

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