Just Cause 3 need subs.

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This game is all about vehicles and their craziness. I just feel that it would be really cool if there were some underwater bases that you could get too with a sub. It would open another level of the world that I don't think any other game has ever done.
EDIT: Is JC3 going to exist? It looks like it only sold maybe 3 Million units world wide. (I can't find exact figures for this but vgcharts put the xbox and ps3 sales at 1 million a piece.)   http://gamrreview.vgchartz.com/sales/24232/just-cause-2/ (xbox)

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Water? I don't like water in my games normally... 
What about a floating city?

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You could explore underwater in Lost Odyssey but it was a very limited experience. Subs would be cool in the next Just Cause. I felt like JC2 had the best aircraft and means of air transportation in any game ever (The jet you can buy and parachuting)

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Yeah I guess that would be cool, a neat new feature for the sequel, I hope they make one.
Also while they are at that why not make it so you can go to space? like seamless transition, maybe a mission to take out a moon base or something, I guess that with the next hardware generation on consoles that can be done, it's an awesome engine they got there.

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Underwater bases would fit the spy theme well.  However, I'd want them, and every other location in the game, really, to have a bit more interactivity than the locations of JC2.  If they're just there to be there, then it's a poor concept(Looking at you, Mile High Club).  If they serve a purpose in the game other than housing collectibles, it's an awesome concept.  But I would want them to be polished, with features such as aquatic wildlife swimming about outside the windows, some underwater locales being linked by a concealed tram system of some sort, perhaps?  Really, it's an awesome idea, but it will take quite a bit of work for it to not seem tacked on.
Edit:  Explorable shipwrecks, sunken ruins, and giant sea beasts.  I want these in the next Just Cause.

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Couldn't you fly the planes underwater in the first one? It was because of a glitch, but I remember seeing a video of that. 

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I thought you meant subs as in subtext because from what I've heard the accents in that game are crazy =P

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@dagas:  They're pretty awful, "com-RAID".
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@dagas said:

" I thought you meant subs as in subtext because from what I've heard the accents in that game are crazy =P "

Weird I cant seem to edit my last post owell...
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There needs to be a Just Cause 3.

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@onarum said:
" why not make it so you can go to space? "
That's how I hoped Just Cause 2 would finish, grappling to a rocket into space. I was kinda disappointed, since it seemed like the only logical way to conclude the game.
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Just Cause 3 does indeed need subtitles!

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@Demmetje said:
" Just Cause 3 does indeed need subtitles! "
lol yeah thats what i got from the title too, and i nodded ! 
anyway i hope theres a JC3 ... JC2 is the most underrated game of 2010
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Just Cause 3 Just needs to happen. Period. Also, the water was very pretty in JC2, so your idea would be a great addition. 

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Well, considering Just Cause 2 went on platinum / classics range, I would assume it did pretty well (probably better than the first). I would sure as heck like to see Just Cause 3.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:

" @Demmetje said:     

   anyway i hope theres a JC3 ... JC2 is the most underrated game of 2010 "

I 100% agree, JC2 is really amazing.  I've been playing other games lately , such as Gran Turismo 5, and I just threw JC2 back into my PS3 after probably 6+ months.  That game holds up so well, and the scale and environments are amazing!  I played Red Dead Redemption for a while, and while that game is good, the environments are nothing compared to JC2.  
Oh, and you can't hi-jack jets or helicopters and cause havoc either - horses just don't feel the same ;)
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Everything needs subtitles, man.

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