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    Despite being on the stable branch, Upbeat Giraffe is not very, uhh.. stable.I may wait for a patch or two before hosting again. Tried hosting a server for a handful of friends and it crashed twice wi...

  • Karsh posted a message in the forum topic Free Collector's Edition of Warlords of Draenor - with a caveat. on the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor board

    Awesome deal, I'm in.

  • Karsh posted a message in the forum topic Server gone?. on the TrackMania¬≤ Stadium board

    It's not THAT expensive, I just shut it down because it was averaging 1-2 users a week.I own and pay for this VPS indefinitely now, so if the Mania returns, I can always relaunch it.(Apologies for the...

  • SittingDuckz posted a message in the forum topic Your guilty pleasure game. on the General Discussion board

    Probably Battlefield 4. I only play on 24/7 Operation Locker servers and I never get bored. As bizarre as it sounds, it's almost relaxing to play.

  • PrincePersona posted on karsh’s wall.
    Can you please update the Starbound Server to the new patch. Game won't let anyone login that has updated until the server version matches the new update 8. Sincerely, Prince Persona